Give It 2 Get It #27

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 Give It 2 Get It #27 

“YNX Makes ‘FADs’ (Fish Aggregating Devices)”

NA KLUEA, Chonburi Province, Thailand, 22 June 2019

In the morning, Mr. Boon-Ma Kosem and his assistant, Mr. Pasakorn Klongnoi educated the Volunteers about the crisis at hand, and explained how to create/deploy FADs. This morning information period helped prepare the Volunteers for their afternoon work. They were informed that they could start as soon as low tide arrived.

While they waited for low tide, some local fishermen harvested mussels and crabs from the sea, and prepared a wonderful meal to thank the Yannix Volunteers in advance for the hard work that they would be contributing in the afternoon.

With the assistance of the Hydrographics Department of the Royal Thai Navy, sea level was monitored until it was determined that the tide was low enough for the Volunteers to safely perform their duties.

That’s when the Yannix Volunteers, wearing waterproofed suits, walked approximately 1 km. (3.280.84 ft.) through the muddy beach sands into the sea, to plant artificial sea grass. Volunteers dug small holes for planting, and used their feet and hands to secure the artificial grass in place.

The Yannix Volunteers knew before they arrived in Na Kluea that Saturday, June 22, would be no ordinary day at the beach. As such, they worked hard to help to make a difference and they appreciated the opportunity to learn under the direction of Mr. Boon-Ma Kosem and Mr. Pasakorn Klongnoi.