Web Developer

Junior/Senior Web Developer
(Front end / Back end)

   As we continue to expand, we seek passionate software developers to join our business operations team. We code primarily in Python, but we understand that good programmers can easily learn Python. 

Job Descriptions

  • Code, design and maintain ERP system to boost user productivity.
  • Sometimes available software packages do not meet our requirements or may cause security concerns, so we often build our own tools from scratch.
  • Brainstorm and communicate with team for requirements gathering and troubleshooting.
  • Share reasonable ideas and possible solutions to solve specific problems.
  • Self starter who takes initiative and is highly motivated.
  • Quick response to a problem report.

Key Competencies

  • Self learner
  • Strong in OOP
  • Experience in coding Python, C++, Java, or Swift
  • Experience in network programming
  • Experience in web client-side such as Javascript, CSS
  • Experience in web server-side such as Flask, Django, Nodejs
  • Experience in ERP customization
  • Database design and coding either in SQL or NoSQL