Production Software Developer

As we continue to expand our business, we seek energetic and capable candidates to join our production software development team. We are responsible for improving our internal production pipeline to be more efficient, robust and organized, either by a process designing and a software development.

Job Descriptions

  • Design workflow and implement applications per gathered requirements.
  • Research new technologies/methodologies, conduct experiments, evaluate the findings/results, and put into practice.
  • Review written code and write/conduct tests to ensure software quality.
  • Maintain, optimize, and re-factor existing software and fix bugs.
  • Build and deploy production software.
  • Support production software users through the development and introduction of new features and tools.

Key Competencies / Qualifications

  • Be strong in coding (Python, C++, data structure and algorithm) with excellent problem solving skills.
  • Be familiar with software development process (version control, code review, release management).
  • Be enthusiastic and passionate.
  • Possess excellent communications (in English) and interpersonal skills.