BANGKOK, Thailand, 3 April 2020

Earlier this week Yannix implemented a “Split Shift” system as we continue to explore ways to serve our valued clients while promoting the health and welfare of our employees during these trying times.

Split shifts afford our employees the ability for greater “social distancing” within our 4 buildings/6 production zones.

As a result of the introduction of split shifts, Yannix is working a 7-day work week with 50% of the staff on and 50% off at any given time.


BANGKOK, Thailand, 24 March 2020

To our valued clients, friends and industry colleagues:

Yannix continues to remain open for business during these unprecedented times. There have been zero instances of COVID-19 Virus at Yannix, to date.

At Yannix, we have six (6) Production Zones located in four (4) separate buildings. Yannix is taking the following measures to ensure the health and well-being of our staff as we remain open for business:

• Employees with symptoms of illness MUST stay at home.

• Yannix is working with employees to provide them a safe way to get to and from work.

• Employees who aren’t required to access client materials as part of their work are being asked to work remotely from home.

• We are creating “sub zones” within each of our production zones to minimize the number of employees who come into contact with each other.

• We are requiring employees to maintain a distance of 2m from one another in an effort to minimize the amount of direct physical interaction amongst our staff.

• We are employing video/teleconferencing within Yannix to reduce the amount of direct physical interaction between employees.

• For several weeks, Yannix leadership has been monitoring daily updates from the WHO, we are acting in accordance with the recommendations of the appropriate government authorities, both national and local.