March 2019
Offy Coffee Club

The Office (“Offy”) Coffee Club began with eight Yannix employees who shared a passion for consuming their favorite caffeinated beverage.

Since its inception, the Offy Coffee Club has grown in ranks to count Executive Managers, Wirak “Noina” Winsuth and Thossaporn “Pommm” Phetruphant among its growing membership.

The club’s mission is to celebrate its members love of coffee and spread Coffee-Mania. Club members want all employees to have the opportunity to enjoy sipping a cup o’ joe in the garden to kickstart their day.

The Offy Coffee Club is the ideal vehicle for connecting with old friends across the various Yannix Departments, and making new friends throughout the company – all while enjoying each member’s favorite refreshment, coffee.

Club activities include visiting a different local coffee shop every month to hang out and sample the brews while exploring a variety of coffee styles and flavors: espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, French presses, light roasts, medium roasts, dark roasts and more….

However, the most important club activity to date has been the recent “Offy Coffee Blind Taste Test” that was held to help select the coffee that Yannix will make available daily for all of our employees on campus.

So if you love coffee, and you consume it with a certain passion and vigor, the YNX Offy Coffee Club is for you!