1. While an employee at Boss Films, Xye creates and deploys tracking/match moving solutions on the films Species and True Lies.

2. Yannix Technologies founded in Hollywood (January 1995).

3. With the advent of Yannix, Xye continues his R&D into early tracking and match moving technologies while also contributing to such projects as Batman Forever and Mars Attacks.

4. Yannix solves “impossible” tracking shot for What Planet Are You From for Rhythm & Hues.

5. Yannix solves the problem of “Lens Distortion” on Charlie’s Angels.

6. Xye/Yannix arrive in Bangkok, Thailand (July 2003).

7. Yannix Engineers build an Electric Motorcycle.

8. Yannix Engineers build an Electric Automobile.

9. Yannix Company Outing: “Tracks on the Beach”.

10. Yannix solves for “Anamorphic Lens Distortion” on We Are Marshall. Yannix employs “Anamorphic Lens Distortion” solution on three (3) Clint Eastwood directed films, The Changeling, Gran Torino and Invictus.

11. Yannix Solves Tracking/Match Moving on Native Stereo shots (Tron: Legacy)

12. Yannix receives Content Security clearance and becomes a Disney/Marvel “Preferred Vendor”

13. Yannix unveils Character Rotomation services.

14. Yannix first solves for “Rolling Shutter Compensation” on Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

15. Yannix Takes on Tracking for Episodic Television beginning with HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

16. Yannix Develops and Deploys it’s groundbreaking Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.

17. Yannix Hosts Booth at the 10th Annual SIGGRAPH Asia in Bangkok

18. Yannix (Thailand) Lands/Delivers Government IT Project.

19. Yannix Deploys the UVunwrap Render, an important tool for matchmoving QC where the shot is projected onto the geometry.

20. Yannix establishes the Yannix Annual Short Film Festival.

21. Yannix Volunteerism through the creation of the Give It 2 Get It Program.

22. Yannix begins offering non-Tracking/Match Moving Services for Paint/Rotoscoping and VFX.

23. Yannix breaks ground on construction of New Building.

24. Yannix is credited as having provided “Additional Visual Effect” on the highest grossing motion picture of all-time, Avengers: End Game.

25. Yannix Celebrates it’s Silver (25th) Anniversary (and the 15th Birthday of Yannix Thailand) in 2020.