BANGKOK, Thailand, 22 December 2018

On Saturday, December 22, the Happy Dolls Project will come to the offices of Yannix (Thailand) Co. Ltd., for the final Give It 2 Get It event of 2018.

According to the Happy Dolls Project website:

“The Happy Dolls Project was created to make people feel ‘happy’ as we know that a smile is a simple but effective way to make people feel better instantly! :)”

The wonderful people at the Happy Dolls Project “believe that no matter what your age, situation, background or culture, everyone can benefit from a special friend who, with a little imagination, can love and care for you perhaps when you need it most.”

“This project aims to assist children in rural places, living in underprivileged hill tribe communities in the North of Thailand and migrant camps in the South receive a better education as well as disadvantaged Thai children such as orphans, street kids, children with disabilities or long term health problems who could use a friend and a reassuring smile from one of these very special dolls. The idea is that they receive one of these Happy dolls, feel less alone and find their smile again :)”

On Saturday the 22nd, representatives of the Happy Dolls Project will demonstrate to Yannix Volunteers how to make “Happy Dolls” by hand. Yannix Volunteers will then make “Happy Dolls” to be distributed to children who could use a friend (orphans, children with disabilities, street kids, and children with long-term health problems).

For more information about the Happy Dolls Project, to purchase Happy Dolls, or to make a donation to the Happy Dolls Project please click here.

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