27 August 2021
BANGKOK, Thailand

YNX: Please tell us about the nursing work you do at Yannix.

Nam: I consult with the Yannix management team and staff on all health-related matters, both physical and mental.

Among my duties, I am responsible for the administration of First Aid, providing Emergency Care, and dispensing medicine. I also monitor and prepare certain data/statistics for health management purposes. I also oversee the administration of Yannix’ inventory of medicine and medical supplies.

Given the current global health crisis, I am also responsible for the process of the execution of Yannix’ COVID-19 Prevention Plan, which includes risk assessment, employee health screening and providing transparency for the Management Team. In this capacity I am also called upon to diagnose symptoms, and advise Yannix employees and management accordingly.

Beyond the current health crisis, I also provide consultation, and raise awareness on a variety of seasonal diseases such as dengue fever, acute diarrhea, office syndrome, and more….

YNX: What made you decide to become a nurse?

Nam: I first considered a career in nursing when I thought about taking care of my family and loved ones.

I realized that I am happiest when I’m looking after other people, and I’ve always been inspired by people who do good deeds for those in need. Whenever I have witnessed others performing good deeds it would fill my heart and inspire me to want to help others too. So I became a nurse because I like caring for others.

YNX: What was your life like before joining Yannix?

Nam: From Kindergarten through high school, I attended a private school, St. Joseph Tippawan. My best subjects were Biology and Mathematics. I was a Girl Scout, and I was also a member of our school’s volleyball team.

After high school, I attended the Boromarajonani College of Nursing in Bangkok, (which is affiliated with Mahidol University), where I earned a Bachelors Degree in Nursing.

I’ve had internships at several hospitals, I was also managing nurse at Universal Health Coverage Service, and before I joined Yannix, I was an in-house nurse at a factory for three-and-a-half years.

YNX: Do you have a favorite book?

Nam: I tend to read medical/health books that help me gain knowledge so I can advise others on health matters.

I enjoy reading cookbooks because I love to cook. Cooking gives me a creative outlet where I can use my imagination. I enjoy modifying recipes to suit my tastes. As such, I read cookbooks so I can create new recipes for my family and friends to try.

YNX: As a nurse, you are known to be an advocate for healthy eating, and it’s no secret that you are big fan of fresh fruit, do you have a favorite fruit?

Nam: Yes, I enjoy all kinds of fresh fruits, but I especially love durian. The durian is the King of Fruits. It’s a seasonal fruit and it’s only available now during this time of year.

Whenever I feel stressed, I always tell my friends that I need to go to find durian to eat, because eating durian can lift my mood and elevate my spirits. Durian brings me relief so I can relax more easily.

YNX: Do you enjoy watching television or movies?

Nam: I do. I enjoy watching Thai movies, dramas and comedies such as A Little Thing Called Love, Dear Brother and Erium Sing.

I also enjoy watching travel documentaries, and I like watching social support programs on YouTube such as Pimry Pie, a renowned Thai YouTuber who goes out into the community and helps poor people in Thailand.

I have a favorite Korean TV program called Daughter-in-Law. I imagine that this show depicts the culture and lifestyle of real Korean people.

But my absolute favorite TV series is The Good Doctor. I get inspired by the difficult cases on the show, and the fact that the main character, Dr. Shaun Murphy, (as portrayed by actor Freddie Highmore), is a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome. It amazes me how Dr. Murphy always does these surprising and unexpected things, and his decisions are usually correct.

The Good Doctor seems committed to the processes of observation, diagnosis and treatment. I learn many lessons from this show that I can apply to my work.

YNX: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Nam: When it comes to the kinds of magical powers I’ve seen in the movies, I would choose the power to be invisible, and the power to teleport myself anywhere in the world instantly. It would be great if I could go anywhere in the world undetected, and it would be fantastic if I could decide to just transport myself anywhere in the world, and then I’d be in that place right away.
It would make travel easier, which would be really fun and exciting.

YNX: Tell us something about you that might surprise us.

Nam: During working hours, I’m responsible for people’s welfare, and as such, I need to be seen as reliable and credible. As a professional, I need to earn people’s trust. I always have to be calm and mindful in order to perform my duties. Therefore, I think people might perceive my behavior to be a bit conservative.

But there’s another side of me that people at work don’t see.

When I am with my family and close friends, I’m much more relaxed and outgoing. I like to enjoy myself and have fun. I like to sing, and entertain my friends and family. Outside of my work environment, I’m much more comfortable, and I can be silly when I’m with my friends and family.

YNX: What is your motto?

Nam: With focus, determination and hard work, there is nothing that cannot be done.

YNX: Thank you Nam for taking the time to answer our questions, and for everything you do for everyone at Yannix.