1 April 2021
BANGKOK, Thailand

YNX: Please tell us about your life before you joined Yannix.

Patt: I was born in Bangkok. I moved to Nakhonpathom to further my studies, and I later moved back to Bangkok where I graduated high school. I got my diploma from Bangpakok Withayakom School (Science/Mathematics). I attended King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) where I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Computer Science.

YNX: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Patt: I dreamed of becoming a teacher. I have always believed that good teachers are vitally important in a child’s development.

I once had an experience with some teachers who were irrational, and not very open-minded. This experience inspired me to want to become a teacher when I grow up.

YNX: What do you do every day, no matter what, without fail?

Patt: Each and every day I create a ‘to-do list.’ Throughout the day, I monitor my daily progress until I complete the items on my list. If I encounter difficulty I will search for alternative solutions.

YNX: What made you want to join Yannix?

Patt: My friend at the university told me about this company in Bangkok that works behind the scenes in the Hollywood film industry. I felt my education would make me a good candidate so I applied for the job at Yannix.

When I first joined the team, I found it all to be very interesting, and I knew that this is where I wanted to be. The atmosphere was friendly, and everyone was dressed comfortably in casual clothes. I’m happy to have the opportunity to work with professional people, which makes me eager to learn more and more.

YNX: Do you have any hobbies or passions outside of Yannix?

Patt: I have a passion for dancing. I love dance as an art form, and I also enjoy dance as physical exercise.
I remember watching Britney Spears when I was a child, and I remember feeling that this woman is really beautiful, and her dancing was amazing. That’s when I started to do cover dances at home as exercise.

Dance makes me both confident and assertive. Learning choreography helps keep me sharp.

When I was at university, I wanted to do something like a teenager to balance out my responsibilities as a student. I decided the way to do this was to gather a group of friends who were also interested in dance.

As a result, I established the KMUTT Cover Dance Club. Since then the Club has performed at many public events.

I think my work as a leader of the Club has helped me in my career. I strive to teach my teammates at Yannix, and I work hard to choreograph our efforts so we can accomplish what we need to do for our clients.

YNX: Is there a project you’ve worked on at Yannix that you consider to have been challenging, or one that you are particularly proud of?

Patt: I am proud of every task I perform, and every project that I have ever done. Each show has its own unique challenges. I love to solve the problems related to each project, and I’m always proud to see the finished product in the theater.

Every time a client approves a shot delivery, and lets us know that they appreciate our work, I am always very proud.

I think the project I’m most proud of is Black Panther. I’m proud that I got to see my name onscreen in the end credits.

Black Panther was a huge project for us with lots of shots. The level of difficulty was high due to skin deformations.

At that time, Yannix had a lot of new people who didn’t have a great deal of experience. As such, initially, the new staff weren’t able to contribute as much as we would have liked. From that moment, I began providing them with on-the-job training. I taught the new people the proper technique starting with simple shots so they could learn by doing.
I’m very proud of how hard the team worked on Black Panther as most of the shots were delivered earlier than scheduled.

YNX: In your opinion, what are the qualities that make someone successful at rotomation?

Patt: Attention to detail is key. Rotomators need to have a strong imagination and we need to make sure that every single detail is retained. It’s vital that a Rotomator understands how real people move, and Rotomators must learn to work efficiently in order to maintain the necessary level of productivity.

YNX: Who are your heroes and why?

Patt: My heroes are my mother and my sister.

My mother has been a “fighter” since her childhood. In school, she only achieved Grade 6, but she raised two daughters who both received Bachelors Degrees. My mother has supported me and my sister in every way possible. She showed us that we need to fight to overcome the obstacles we encounter in life.

My elder sister is my idol in terms of her managerial skills. My sister is a very responsible person who always makes a plan, and then follows it. There are many lessons I’ve learned from my sister, which I have applied during my work at Yannix such as: how to prioritize; how to manage my time efficiently; and how to communicate effectively.

YNX: Do you have a motto?

Patt: My motto is, “Do your best, be proud of your success, and always learn from failure.”

YNX: Thank you Patt for taking the time to answer our questions.