November 2019

The YNX Buffet Club was founded in 2018 by six (6) Yannix Employees: (Purinut “Pu” Roongrojsub, Korrarin “Kor” Pinjaroen, Preeyanuch “Ple” Srisupinanon, Jinnapat “Fern” Pormatikul, Chayut “Toon” Nantanasarn and Pimsiri “Nook” Detsiri) who share an interest in the culinary arts. In other words, the YNX Buffet Club was established by Yannix’ resident “foodies.” The Club currently has more than twenty (20) members, and membership continues to grow.

Throughout the year, the club members engage in a number of group activities related to their shared love of all things food.

Recently, they organized an activity as part of Yannix’ Annual Gala, which took place in late September. All of the employees who attended the event were asked to photograph their favorite dishes as they moved through the buffet line and post them online for consideration. Votes were tabulated from the online activity and when the votes had all been counted, the winner received the grand prize, a “Dinner Cruise” on the Chao Phraya River.

The members of the YNX Buffet Club wish to express their gratitude as they were honored to participate in this year’s Gala Event. They’d like to thank everyone who attended the Gala for joining in the fun.