February 2019
YNX Musicians/Band Club

There are roughly 15 members of the Yannix Musicians/Band Club. Club activities include meetings/rehearsals/jam sessions and are held in a designated music room on campus after work and on weekends. The group members all share a love of playing pop and rock music. Attendance at these sessions often varies in terms of number of people, and at times more than 15 people are known to attend.

This Club exists because the music brought the members together.

According to the group:

“Our goal is to do what we love and give happiness to others.”

All of the members are self-taught musicians. The band features three lead vocalists in addition to multiple guitarists, an electric bassist, keyboardists and drummers/percussionists.

The band debuted in September when they headlined the Inaugural Yannix Gala Event. “This event is an activity that we are very proud of,” the group’s members said.

This Friday evening, February 15, the YNX Band will headline a party in the parking lot at the Yannix offices to celebrate the successful completion of Yannix’ Software Project for Thailand’s Social Security Office (SSO).

All Yannix employees are invited to attend.