Thavida Maneewarn joined Yannix as an Executive Manager in 2018. Part of her mission at Yannix is to apply new technologies in the field of robotics into Yannix’ tracking software and VFX pipeline. In addition, she is exploring the possibility of applying Yannix’ existing computer vision technology into other industries such was warehouse robotics and mobile robot navigation.

Before joining Yannix, Dr. Thavida received her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (specializing in control and robotics) from the University of Washington, (Seattle, USA).

She began her career as a researcher at Institute of Field Robotics, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi Thailand (KMUTT), where she held the position of Deputy Director of Research (2003-2014).

Dr. Thavida previously served as President of Thai Robotics Society and she is currently the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Robotics & Automation Software (IEEE RAS) Thailand Chapter Chair.

Dr. Thavida’s research projects include the boiler tubes inspection robot, public relation semi-humanoid robots, agricultural robotics and autonomous driving system for unmanned ground vehicle and indoor mobile robots.