BAAN NONTAPUM, Nonthaburi Province, Thailand, 23 March 2019

For our next Give It 2 Get It event (G2G #25), Yannix Volunteers will visit the Baan Nontapum Home for Children with Disabilities.

The Baan Nontapum Home for Children houses roughly 350 physically disabled children (ages 7-18 years).

The Home’s mission is to provide medical care, physical rehabilitation services and educational/vocational training to the resident children so that they may learn to be self-reliant in their future lives.

Generally, children housed at Baan Nontapum Home for Children were discovered in various public places after having been abandoned by hospitals when their families could no longer afford to care for them.

This Saturday, (March 23), Yannix will donate much needed supplies, and G2G Volunteers will be on hand to treat the children to a charity lunch.

To learn more about how you can make a difference through the Give It 2 Get It Program, please email us at: