KOH LARN, PATTAYA, Chonburi Province, Thailand, 28 September 2019

September is AWARE month. Project AWARE, (which stands for Aquatic World Awareness Responsibility and Education), has support in over 182 countries. Project AWARE inspires conservation through public awareness and education campaigns.

As part of AWARE Month, for the last two years the Give It 2 Give It Program has participated in an annual Beach Clean-Up.

Last year, on Saturday, September 22, 2018, Yannix Volunteers, (as part of G2G #20) helped collect 315.5 kgs of trash from the underwater areas and the beach at Tawaen Beach.

On Saturday, September 28, 2019, a little more than one year later, eighty-one (81) Volunteers (including teams of beachcombers and a team of scuba divers) re-visited the region to pick up where we left off last year with hopes that there would be less trash than was collected in 2018.

Sadly, this year was far worse than the previous year as Yannix Volunteers encountered more than twice the amount of trash than what was collected in 2018, a whopping 675.13 kgs.

On the day, Yannix Volunteers we’re welcomed to the event, OK No Trash, by Mr. Sarut Chuthasan, Chairman of an organization called Marinedive.

In addition to Marinedive other contributors included Pattaya City (Koh Larn Branch) and SSI: Mission Deep Blue.

SSI is the world’s largest professional dive business based training agency. Their mission is to raise awareness on protecting the oceans.

Yannix thanks Pattaya City
(Koh Larn Branch), SSI Mission Deep Blue and Marinedive for their guidance and support.

Yannix hopes that together we can someday rid our beaches and oceans of the trash and filth that is devastating our natural wonders.

To learn more about how YOU can make a difference, please contact us at: ‪‪‪ynxg2g@yannix.com