CHONBURI PROVINCE, Thailand, 21 July 2018

Khao Khaew Open Zoo covers an area of about 8 square kilometres. The zoo is inhabited by some 3,000 animals across 250 species from Thailand, Asia and around the world. Khao Khaew Open Zoo specializes in wildlife conservation and research, and has had a great deal of success in the areas of breeding and returning animals to the wild.

On the day of Give It 2 Get It #19, Yannix employee volunteers were welcomed by Miss Natwarinthon Titathonmeteesiri who led us to the “Australia Zone” where everyone was introduced to the zookeeper, Mr. Teerawut Wanpiroon. The volunteers were separated into two groups and then they proceeded to clean the cages for the wallabies, kangaroos, emus and koalas as well as clean the surrounding areas. Volunteers were monitored closely by the zookeeper and zoo staff as they prepared food for, and interacted with a wide variety of animals.

During a stop at the zoo’s auditorium, zoo staff took the time to educate Yannix volunteers about the “S.C.E.N.E.S. for a Green Zoo,” (Social, Conservation, Environment, Nature, Edutainment and Service mind). Volunteers also had the opportunity to tour the various habitats within the zoo like the “African Savannah,” “Deer Park,” “Forest of Asia,” “Elephant Learning Center”and “Wildlife Wonderland.”

All in all, Give It 2 Get It #19 was a memorable and rewarding experience that was informative, fun, and filled with hard work.

Thank you to Miss Natwarinthon Titathonmeteesiri, Mr. Teerawut Wanpiroon and the entire staff of Khao Khaew Open Zoo for helping to make “YNX Goes to the Zoo” (Give It 2 Get It #19) a wonderful experience for everyone.

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