23 May 2019


As we’ve mentioned previously, Thai forests are deteriorating at an alarming rate due to natural phenomenon (greenhouse effect & global warming) and human activities such as deforestation. It is painful for us to witness the depletion of our treasured forests and the loss of the resources those forests provide.

We at Yannix cannot stand idly by and do nothing. We feel we must do something to improve the situation. We simply must take action.

On Saturday, May 25, Yannix Volunteers, as part of the Give It 2 Get It Program, will visit Nang Gui Temple to make a difference by planting new trees on the Temple grounds. The hope is that the trees we plant on Saturday will someday provide shade in the special place where the monks practice their faith and where the members of the local community congregate.

What: “YNX Plants Trees by the Temple” (G2G #26)
When: Saturday 25 May
Where: Nang Gui Temple, Ayutthaya Province, Thailand

To learn more about how YOU can make a difference, please contact us at: ‪ynxg2g@yannix.com