At Yannix, we are constantly upgrading and improving our proprietary matchmoving software and technology to ensure we are always providing our clients with the highest quality tracks. It is imperative to make sure that the matchmove sticks well via a robust and easy to use QC process.

An important tool for matchmoving QC is the UVunwrap Render, where the shot is projected onto the geometry. This projection is then rendered in geometry UV space.

Yannix has been using UVunwrap Renders to QC both object and camera tracks for many years, but now we have developed a real-time UV unwrap view inside of our proprietary tracking software. This addition to our toolkit was deployed in June 2019.

Now, for any shot that has survey (either LIDAR or proxy geometry) or for any object track, the tracking artist can use the built-in UVunwrap camera view to easily and immediately identify any slippage between the plates and the geometry.

By leveraging the power of modern GPUs, Yannix’ proprietary tracking software package allows for real-time rendering of all QC renders, easily allowing repeated quality control review without the need to stop work and perform a separate render and review step. The artist can simply open the UVunwrap camera view, and click ‘play’ to see the latest quality in real time.

If a client would like to receive delivery of the UVunwrap Render, we can easily save it out for delivery as part of the delivery package. Just let us know when you provide us with the delivery specs for your project/turnover and we can accommodate your request.

Video 1: Recorded video with tracking geometry

Video 2: Projected texture on tracking model

Video 3: Projected texture in UV map space