BANGKOK, Thailand, 28 August 2020

In 2018, Yannix launched a financial scholarship program to support employees who wish to continue their higher education in pursuit of a Masters, Ph.D., or equivalent degree in a field considered to be of mutual benefit to both the employee and Yannix.

To be eligible for the scholarship program, qualified candidates must work full-time at Yannix for one year prior to applying. Scholarships are awarded to two (2) employees per year. Seniority is a consideration of the selection committee.

Scholarship amounts can reach 80,000 baht (appropriately $2,600) per employee per school year.

The inaugural scholarships were awarded to two (2) employees in 2018, and both employees completed their respective programs earlier in 2020.

One of those graduates is Ms. Siriporn “Ning” Chuakaeo. Ning hails from her hometown of Ubon in Ratchathani Province, which is roughly a 380 mile distance from Yannix’ facility in Bangkok.

After completing high school in Bangkok, Ning earned a Bachelor’s Degree in (International) Business Administration from Shinawatra University, Pathum Thani, Thailand.

According to her immediate supervisor, Executive Producer, Danny Turner, Ning joined Yannix in 2016 as a Project Coordinator with a background in Marketing. Within her first few months, Ning began assisting with Billing/Invoicing in collaboration with Yannix’ accounting team and also contributed to Recruiting/Training processes, helping to further develop the coordinator team.

According to Danny Turner, “Ning was an obvious candidate for the scholarship program. She was dedicated and loyal and she was eager to grow so that she could contribute more to the team. Once she had articulated her desire to obtain a Master’s Degree, she had my full support. There was never a question in my mind as to whether Ning could maintain her duties at Yannix while taking on her extra workload as an MBA student.”

With Danny’s endorsement, Ning was awarded the Yannix Scholarship and she enrolled in the MBA program at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), with a focus on Organization Management. She completed the program within two (2) years and earlier this year she was awarded her MBA.

Since graduation, Danny has noted Ning’s growth within Yannix, which he attributes to her academic experience.

According to Danny, “Ning has matured as a leader and has become more confident in her work. I think her teammates have noticed this growth too, and we are all benefiting from it.”

“Now, I feel I’m ready to use my knowledge and skills to develop the team and help Yannix grow,” Ning asserts. “Time management and discipline are the keys to success, I’ve learned, and those characteristics helped me to achieve a balance between working life and studying. Now they’re helping me in my work on a daily basis.”

Ning continues to work closely with Executive Producer, Danny. She also continues to collaborate with the accounting and SIT teams at Yannix. She oversees Billing and strives to improve the processes for the coordinator team. Everything is happening at a higher level than before she completed the MBA program. She has also worked with SIT to develop a new feature in Yannix’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Ning is always seeking ways to help streamline processes and make the coordinators’ job easier.

It would appear that Yannix made a terrific decision by investing in Ning’s education and development. It’s been a win/win for both Ning and Yannix, and the sky’s the limit moving forward.

To quote Ning in closing:

“Thanks to my boss Danny for supporting me, and always giving me a chance to develop myself. Thank you to the team and my family as well for their support.”