BANGKOK, Thailand, 7 October 2020

Thailand maintains its status as a “low-risk” nation.

According to Thailand’s Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration there have been a total of 3,600 Coronavirus cases in the Kingdom, to date, and the number of COVID-19 deaths in Thailand still holds at 59. There’s been one documented Coronavirus fatality in the Kingdom since January 30, 2020.

Globally, the number of confirmed cases is 35.69 million. The number of confirmed Coronavirus deaths worldwide is more than one million.

The United States continues to rank #1 in the world with the highest number of COVID-19 cases (7.67 million). India ranks #2 (6.68 million), Brasil is #3 (4.94 million), Russia ranks #4 (1.22 million), and Columbia has entered the Top 5 at 862,158 cases.

In contrast, Thailand ranks 139th in the world in total of COVID-19 cases.